Internship – 10 Weeks

UX, XR, Consulting

Travel together, post together.

Creative Jam |



Design a shared storytelling experience using Augmented Reality and context-aware photos.


UX/UI Design


48 Hours


Adobe XD


Top 10 Finalist



As members document their family trips, the stories travelers tell could create earned trust for local Airbnb hosts by incorporating them into their stories.


Empower families and groups of friends who travel together a collaborative way to document, organize, and share their travel experiences and stays to the larger Airbnb community. In a mobile app, provide a way to combine photos and/or notes and transform their shared family trips into immersive stories about the culture and destinations they visit.

I believe that stories are best remembered together and in context.

I Believe that

Shared stories often tell a more complete story than remembering on our own.

Remembering the context of the photos can make them more meaningful.

Photos aren’t just a snapshot of time, it’s also a snapshot of the place.

Key Features

As members document their family trips, the stories travelers tell could create earned trust for local Airbnb hosts by incorporating them into their stories.

Collaborative Feed

Create Your Stories together

The current storytelling experiences are siloed. Why not make it collaborative? By Inviting your friends and family into a shared story, you can create a shared narrative that allows you to not only travel together but also write the stories together.

Contextual Photo

Photos that are more

I believe that pictures are worth a thousand words, but a picture with context is worth a lifetime of memories. By adding text, media, and geographical tag to each photo, you can bring back the excitement of the experience.

AR Feed

Take your attention outsite

Through Augmented Reality, we can now capture a sense of place along with your travel experiences. In this feed design, I wanted to shift the experience out of just the screens and into the real world by superimposing your captured moments into space.

Use Case

Be together even when you aren't together

One thing I didn’t realize until after the project was complete was that this design could be used even when your friends or family members aren’t physically together. It’s especially relevant during times after COVID-19 when being together isn’t necessarily the norm.

Learn More

To view the entire prototype that we built, click on the link below.

Full Prototype

To view the Creative Jam project brief, click on the link below.

Project Brief

Can traveling ever be normal again?

Learning Outcome

Through this experience, I learned that breaking design conventions requires testing and validation. It was a challenge within the timeframe of the competition to excavate those insights, but if this were to be developed as an iterated product, I would focus on a usability study and finding the value proposition of this app to validate whether collaboration is an appropriate feature for sharing stories.

Placed as top 10 Finalist of 570 teams

What's Next

Can traveling ever go back to normal after COVID-19? Perhaps. But rather than trying to “go backward”, I believe it’s time to redefine what normal is. Using the tools of technology and– more importantly, the serendipitous connections we have, we can write the next story of travel.